Since I like sweet things it's essential to find healthier sweets as well. I tried this with high hopes that the cookies would be healthy and delicious. Unfortunately, the items to make it were ridiculously expensive. So, I figured I would just make them every so often. No big deal.

The recipe didn't call for sugar so I didn't think much since they call for maple syrup. I figured it would be sweet enough (I don't like maple syrup so I didn't know how sweet it is) with just that. It took a while to combine everything because the batter was hard to stir up after a while that it actually started to hurt my arm.

So, I fight the sticky goop and force it into cookies and cook it. I was excited to see how it would turn out becuase the whole foods store I've had baked vegan cookies from were really good.

The cookies were bland and tasteless. I only made the first 12 cookies and got rid of it. I wasted about 30 dollars worth of ingredients on this food.

I was very disappointed.