I will readily admit that I am completely obsessed with potatoes. As a girl living in Idaho, it's hard to avoid. Potatoes, in theory, aren't completely unleathy entities, but it really depends a lot on how it's cooked. In the past, french fries have had a bad rap as one of the most unhealthy forms of potato goodness, mostly because a vast majority of people think that french fries must be made by putting them in a fryer, often with old or heavy grease.

Since I don't have a fryer at my disposal, I have been just baking my fries. I have started to realize that it not only makes the fries a hell of a lot more tasty (if you put a bit of seasonings on before you cook them, and then right as soon as they come out), healthier for you, and easier to ration. It seems like fast food places give you a butt-ton of fries, and I always normally end up eating them all. This way, though, I can only make how much I feel like eating, and not gorging myself out.

Just a healthy potato tip from me!